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First, let me say I really love Scrivener 3 and I’m so glad I upgraded but there are a few functions I’d really love tweaked a bit, it might be that I’m using it wrong and I’d love to be corrected if that’s the case because it would make my life easier.

The Name Generator - When you import all the existing lists they all show up with a male icon even when the subject line says female. Is there a way to tweak this? Or could you make a way? Would it be possible to create a select all by type, male, female, surnames where you could select to use like all the female list and all the surnames because if you just select female or male only at the top it still gives you names that are clearly for the opposite gender of what you’re looking for? Or if you can’t do that can you make a way to sort the list so at least all the types are grouped together? On another note can I create my own lists to add to the generator and if so where would I find instructions on that? Additionally, if I do that can I attach it to a template if I want to share my name list with others?

Copy and Paste in the Binder - In Scrivener 1 you could double click on the title of something like you were going to rename it, select the word right-click and copy then paste elsewhere. If you attempt to do this is Scrivener 3 it deselects when you right-click and refuses to copy. You can copy using keyboard shortcuts, but I really miss being able to use my mouse for that. It has the same behavior when you try to alter the title via the inspector. Is there any way to restore the ability to right-click and copy in windows on Scrivener 3?

Default Add/Add New Text - So first I adore the default add feature, but I noticed that when I try to right-click and use the menu to just add a blank page that changes to whatever the default add is, and I can’t get a blank page within that folder. Is there a way to make it so I can while still having a different default add for the plus button in that folder? Is there already a way beyond making it elsewhere and dragging it where I need it that I’m just not seeing?

Manage Icons - I really really love that I can use custom icons, and I use a lot in my personalized template is there any way you can make it so I can put those into folders in the menu as opposed to having a massive menu? Also, a way to select and add more than one at once?

Thanks very much for any help you can give me and for considering my thoughts.

Thanks for the kind words, glad to hear you are enjoying the update!

  • Legacy name importer: yup, this is a known bug that we have logged already.

    On another note can I create my own lists to add to the generator and if so where would I find instructions on that? Additionally, if I do that can I attach it to a template if I want to share my name list with others?

    Please refer to §20.4.1, Managing Your Own Name Lists, in the user manual PDF for details on that. As for the second question, it’s something you install into the software’s configuration. You won’t find that you have to reinstall over and over with every new project you create, and thus it doesn’t ride along in templates.

    That said, since it’s a CSV file you could very easily provide it as a resource in the binder, with instructions on how to export it and then install it.

  • Copy and Paste in the Binder: this is another logged bug. Note that for the moment you can do this from the Outliner view in the main editor.

  • Default Add/Add New Text: sorry, this one may need more contextual explanation. If I fire up a new blank project to test with, create a folder in the binder, right-click on it, and look at the “Add” menu, I see an “Add Text” command, which does what you say is not possible. What I’m most confused about is what you refer to as a “default add”. What would that look like in v1? Are you perhaps referring to how one can create Document Templates, and assign them as default new items in certain folders?

  • Manage Icons: organising icons into folders is also on the list of things to be added to the software.

    Also, a way to select and add more than one at once?

    They are stored as graphics in the Icons subfolder of your project. You can just manage them directly if you prefer. In some cases that produces better results if the graphics are correctly sized to begin with, I’ve noticed. Using the management panel can alter the graphics and make them blurry.

P.S. I’ve moved this to the Windows subforum, since it largely concerns Windows bugs and missing implementations that are already planned for.

Okay I know I used images in another post but I’m having a complete brain blank on how to add them now so I’ve dragged and dropped them. The first image is what I meant by Default Add, it’s when you select a folder and change the default subtemplate.
The second image is when you right-click now if I’ve changed the default subtemplate when I right click and select add new text it gives me whatever I changed in the documents menu as default instead of actually giving me a blank new text page. Does that make more sense about what I was trying to say?

Yes, thanks for the clarification. That does appear to be an oversight. There right-click Add submenu should allow you to be able to create a “New Text” regardless of any default subdocument template settings, but it isn’t doing so. As well, the Project ▸ New X command at the top should change its name to whatever the default is, to make it clearer.

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