Most efficient way to mport lots of old journal entries?

The title pretty much sums it up.

The impetus for me was that since the main purpose of accessing my old journals at this time in my life is to add interest to my life stories, it made sense to go ahead and put them in Scrivener, where the rest of my Life Story Project material is located. My entries will be easy to access and view along side whatever story I’m working on, and if I change my mind down the line I can always compile and export to another format.

I’d like to know if there is an easier way then copy/pasting each text file? I currently have my files saved either in one big rtf file per year, or in a few cases of particularly active journaling years, I’ve split files by YEAR-Month.

Thanks in advance for any help!

Well you can just drag in files by the bulk and drop them in the binder. If you drag a folder, all of the items beneath it will be imported as well.

Also, if you haven’t discovered it yet, there’s a feature that makes splitting up your documents (by daily entry in your case) very easy. Look under Documents->Split-> There are two options there that should be fairly obvious as to their utility, and their keyboard shortcuts should be displayed right next to them.

Hi Robert,
Thanks for the note. Yes, that will be one of the tools I use a LOT as I’m making this change.
I do hope everyone who uses Scrivener learns that one right away, or they’ll be missing one of many powerful tools! :wink:

Thanks Amber. I’ve not quite gotten the hang of import vs. drag to view temporarily, but dragging my folder to Scrivener will certainly make the process easy in theory! I’l have to go view the tutorial on import vs. drag/view again.

There is actually no difference at all between the two. They are synonyms, provided for those that are familiar with one technique over the the other. I wouldn’t say there are any huge bonuses with either, some find one easier than the other. Just remember you have to drag into the binder, not the editor view. We actually intend to improve that so you can drag straight into a corkboard but it isn’t implemented yet.

You might also be interested in Import & Split, in that same File/Import/ sub-menu. If your journal entries have some kind of predictable pattern of characters in between them, you could split them all up while importing the longer files. For instance if you separate days or weeks by ‘-----’ then you could type that in and it would make a new note whenever it encounters that string.