Most Recent Backups

So the folder you use for storing backups doesn’t get bloated you can select in Preferences to keep only the most recent backups, the choice being 3,5, 10 or 25. But if you elect to do this and you have say four projects in Scrivener but are only working on one of them for any length of time, isn’t there the danger you will quickly lose backups for the other projects? Or do I have it wrong? I had thought you were bringing into Scrivener 3 the ability to select different backup folders for each project. That’s a little disappointing.

No, there is no risk of losing backups for other projects, because the number you specify is per-project - that is, if you set the limit as 5, then Scrivener will keep the 5 most recent projects for each project, not 5 backups in total.

Scrivener 3 does have the ability to choose different backup folders per-project, via Project > Project Settings.

I hope that is a little less disappointing. :smiley:

Excellent!! Thanks very much.