Most recent change to project?

Hi there,

I use the Snapshots religiously, basically after most changes to any document in the binder, but I find myself often opening a Scrivener project and wanting to remember what the last thing I worked on is, as I tend to jump around a lot when editing. Is there already a way to quickly view the last document edited/most recent change made in the binder?

What I usually end up doing is – if I’ve closed on the scene/chapter that I was last working on – glancing at the snapshots to see if the latest one corresponds to the day I last worked on it (if it was, say, 3 days ago, and the snapshot is from 3 days ago, then I’m both back on the right page for continuing where I left off, and also relieved of any concern I’ve accidentally opened an older/unsynced version and screwed everything up. :laughing:)

I know the Project -> Writing History option lets you see the last day you made changes and how many words/characters you added, but this doesn’t tell me where those words/characters are in the document.

If this feature already exists, apologies for creating a new topic, and I’d love to know how to use it. If not, I’d be curious to know if it’s possible/useful to others.

Many thanks for the amazing work.


Not sure if this exactly does what you want, but you can do a search for documents modified in the last x days, then save that search as a collection. Then, open up that collection and sort the results by date to see the last thing you worked on at the top of the list.

(Note: I’ve set this up in the Mac v3, but I’m writing this out while looking at the Windows 3 beta…pretty sure it works the same in both)

  1. Open the full project search (this shows up as a magnifying glass on my toolbar)
  2. For the criteria, type mdate:1d. The “mdate” means “modified date”, the “1d” means “1 day”. I THINK this means “in the last day”, so it would include documents modified today or yesterday.
  3. Your binder is replaced with the results of the search. By default, they show up in binder order, but you can click on the “Binder Order” dropdown and pick “sort by Date” and then also specify if newest or oldest should be first.
  4. Save the search as a collection. On my version, you click the magnifying glass next to the search criteria and pick Save Search as Collection and then give it a name,

You can make variations on this – I currently have saved search collections for 1d, 2d, and 7d – so if my last work was a few days ago, I can still easily see what I was last working on. And the order in which I was touching the documents. You can also use cdate: to search by created date rather than modified.

You can also do a search with just the criteria *, which finds ALL documents in the project, then sort that by modified date. But I usually prefer the more focused view of “what did I edit in the last day?”

Finally, I don’t particularly like showing my collections all the time – I prefer to just see the binder most of the time. So when I want to access one of these searches, I go to Navigate > Collections > .

Hope this is helpful.

Thank you for sharing that, I’ll give it a try. Much appreciated!!

It doesn’t work in Windows v16 . At least not for me.

You can also – at least in the Mac version – use the Outline view and sort by the Modified Date.


Inline Annotations combined with Find by Formatting is an additional way.

By Windows v16 do you mean the Windows Beta? I am using the beta, also version 16, and this is working fine. In fact, I redid all my steps above as I wrote them out in my original post and they worked as I expected. Not sure what might not be working.

I decided to reinstall v16 and now it works fine. Strange.

Thanks for the tip.

Katherine, that works perfectly for me on the Mac version. Thanks a bunch! I never used the Outline view before – ugh. I’ve been using Scrivener for over 6 years and there are still so many features I haven’t tried.

Thanks everyone for taking the time to reply. Much appreciated!