Most recent Scrivener update flagged as containing IDP.Generic by Avast.

Just tried to update Scrivener to the latest version that popped up. Unfortunately, Avast’s anti-virus detected IDP.Generic in the installer and I quarantined it. Now the Scrivener.exe file is gone and the desktop shortcut says the file is missing. I went into Avast and tried to restore it and add an exception (permission) but it won’t allow it.

Finally, I downloaded the new update directly from the website since I can no longer run Scrivener. When I tried to do a free install, Avast again flagged the installer and put it in the virus chest.

Not sure why this is happening, but for now I can’t open Scrivener. It doesn’t help that I don’t know how to remove the automatically created rule that is now blocking the installer from working.

You should contact Avast support and ask them how to whitelist Scrivener.


This only happened (twice) when downloading the update through the scrivener app, In both cases avast flagged it. However, when I later downloaded the same version directly from the webpage, it seems to be clean. No alert. Does the app download from a different page?

The app downloads from the same location, but Avast may not like it because it’s an automatic installation rather than one initiated by the user. Again, you’d have to ask them to be sure.


I got the same message from Avast about IDP.Generic but rather than quarantining I chose the option to create an exception and it allowed the upgrade to continue.

Avast did exactly the same to me. It suddenly puts up a big red warning about the update and if you do nothing it will put the exe file into its own vault. You can actually view the vault in avast and from there tell avast to leave the exe alone. At least it gave me the opportunity to OK the file before it moved it, so i had no problems.