I would appreciate MRU menuing of Fonts where the last five fonts used were listed in the top portion of the pull-down menu with a separator bar between the MRU entries and the list of available fonts. I use three of four font styles and would appreciate the convenience.
Of course, the MRU data would be stored and be available for all sessions.

BTW: The search function for locating a font from the available font list appears to work on a single character. I would appreciate a progressive character search so when I enter COUR – I would be taken to COURIER NEW or somewhere in the immediate vicinity. However, with the MRU capability described above, this would be unecessary.


Thanks, we have this on the list of things to do, already. Another thing on the to-do list that will help you out is a formatting preset feature that basically works like a format macro or “brush”. You can save font and optionally other attribute choices (like tab stops) into it, and then easily apply them to other bits of text in the future off of the Format Bar.