Most users online

L&L’s old record for users online is gonna fall today, isn’t it? The site had 158 online a couple of minutes ago. We can easily beat the old 202.

I was looking at that earlier and thinking the same thing but it looks like it didn’t quite make it. Well, there is always going to be the Nov 1 ‘official’ release date …


I think the 202 record was from when the New York Times published a long article on Scrivener. It will be tough to beat that with self-generated announcements! That we came as close as we did is pretty cool though. :slight_smile:

Give it some time…

When Windows Scrivener comes out, I’ll be really annoyed if the major Tech-based blogs and websites (ArsTech/CNet/Lifehacker) don’t cover it.

Like… very annoyed. Scrivener deserves the limelight for being so uniquely awesome :smiley:

Thanks. :slight_smile: We already did get a LifeHacker mention for the beta release—killed the forum performance for a bit, or maybe that was just a coincidence.

If there’s one thing that Scrivener has impressed me with, it is the very fact that, despite lacking a formula editor, it could easily replace most word-processing tools effectively, while providing almost identical feature-sets that the majority uses. It works, it works, and it works.

Tried yWriter, tried other storyboarding, planning and writing tools, and somehow Scrivener always seems to be flexible enough to be what you want it to be. Scrivener’s a tool to sculpt your novel; most other programs are just skeletal frameworks.

So yes, it would be a real shame if ArsTech, CNET and other sites don’t cover Scrivener (Windows) eventual release. Such a wonderful piece of software should be made known, given the high profile of NaNoWriMo. Unlike other writing programs, Scrivener actually lets you write, in all sense of the word beyond the common association of novels, poetry and scripts. Thesis, lab reports, essays, Scrivener can fulfil the entire writing portion, and, I would say, more effectively than Writer or MS Office (as long as it doesn’t require formulae; but then you might want to export it to OO.Org or something to format it properly anyway :smiley:). I can’t believe mainstream Writing programs haven’t even thought us using the dual pane mode.

If you want the record broken then when 2.0 hits gold master and is ready for distribution just put note on the front page that directs the user to the forums to get a download link

I bet the 202 record would be blasted out the door.