Mountain Lion now available

I see that Mountain Lion is now available. I hope it sorts out some of the wrinkles in Lion. I think I shall hold off on upgrading until the dust settles a bit and some experts have been able to discover the inevitable problems and give us the solutions. And it’s a big download – 4GB. I will have to do it during the hours of darkness …


I shall have to wait until I’m back in the UK at the end of August. Here on my 1Mbit network behind the GFWoC, the hours of darkness probably wouldn’t be enough!



I upgraded both desktop and laptop yesterday (only downloaded it once, then did the burn to spare partition trick so I wouldn’t have to download it again).

No issues so far with Scrivener or anything else, apart from the fact that Optimal Layout hasn’t been upgraded to be compatible yet.

What’s Optimal Layout?

It’s a utility to arrange application windows.

You can set it up to have shortcuts to move / resize windows either to specific or bespoke layouts. For example, left / right half of the screen, NWSE quadrants etc. It’s not essential, but I miss it when it’s not there. Under Lion it worked with any Cocoa program (meaning not Tinderbox unfortunately, and that’s one program where it’s sorely needed as it has more windows than the original Crystal Palace).

Well, it finally happened; I’ve been cut off. My 6-year old MB pro, model 2,2 is just behind the velvet rope, like yesterday’s celebrity. Can’t complain. Aside from a bad hard drive and worn-out batteries, it hasn’t given me any real trouble, and doesn’t seem to be on it’s way to the great recycling heap just yet.

Mountain lion just adds another feather to the “want a MB Air 11” side of the scale vs “keep the house from falling down around my ears”. :unamused:

I was wanting to do a fresh install of Mountain Lion, but my portable HD bit the dust a few months back, so I had no way of backing up my stuff. Went ahead and installed over the the old OS like Apple intents for you to do. I had a lot less hiccups so far than I did with Lion–thus far .

It kept most of my old options intact, and only added the Notes and Reminders Icons in my dock and the new notification center icon in the to the far left of the menu bar. So other than those I could be tricked into thinking it was just Lion.


You should throw a retirement party. 6 years is a good working life.

Update on Optimal Layout compatibility (so as not to set any hares running that it’s permanently broken).

The program has been updated to run with ML. It’s just not yet available in the App Store, but you can download it from the website as a temporary measure.

I’m aiming for 7. Like the number of years we supposedly take to completely replace all of our body’s cells.

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EDIT BY KB: D’oh. This is why I shouldn’t try to use computers when drunk. Sorry Pigfender!

EDIT BY PF: No worries! :smiley: Pretty sure I was just rambling anyway. This is what happens when I rely on episodes of “House” to get all my medical information.

I just installed Mountain Lion, then launched Scrivener, and was informed that:
Scrivener wants to access your Contacts.
Um, WTF? Since when is e-mail an aspect of Scrivener?
I said No Way and Scrivener opened fine.

In all other respects, 10.8 is an excellent upgrade.
If you have multiple machines to upgrade, do this:
Before running the install, copy the installer file (OS X Mountain Lion Install)

  1. to other machines on your wireless network
  2. to the Burn folder, and then burn it to a DVD disc.

What I like: Safari is really fast, and you type search queries into the address line
Mail, Contacts, Address Book, Messages, Notes, Reminders all greatly improved.
Write any RTF file in TextEdit and it’s saved to iCloud. Great implications for Scrivener users.
iCloud is everywhere, and it just works. No more synching between machines.

Droo …



Um, Scrivener has been accessing your Address Book (just your personal details, none of your contacts) to fill in its title pages for years. You’ll find the same prompt in many apps, such as Pages. Contacts has nothing to do with email. Denying it will do no harm, though; you’ll just have to enter your name and address on title pages and suchlike manually instead. I’m slightly insulted that such a long-time member of the community would suspect me of wanting to do something dodgy with your contacts, though - “WTF” indeed! :frowning:

mountain lion pushed both my laptop and desktop into obsolescence. i’ve heard my ipad will go the same way with the next upgrade to its operating system.

i can’t afford this $19.99 bargain.

The “7-year itch” eh?

Well, in spite of what I said, since I was tied up doing something else yesterday, I decided to set the MBA to download the new pussycat. I was in “my office” on an ethernet connection — via USB converter so none too fast, but faster than the network in my flat — at the time. It took 7 hours! Of course, I then forgot how to save the installer before running it, so I’m going to have to do it all over again when I get home to update the MBP … ah well … age and memory …

Anyway, all seemed to install very easily and without problem, except I have a problem with Scrivener 2.3.1 which I’ve signalled in the bugs forum, and the minor matter that the desktop image in the particular window that the installer was running in has been reduced to a quarter of its size, so now appears fuzzy as the desktop. ML was obviously thinking this should have a retina display, or something.

Apart from that and a new icon at the top right of the menu bar and the fact that it’ll only show the battery percentage rather than allowing you to choose estimated time left in the menu bar, I would hardly know the difference. But the new version of Nisus Writer Pro opens in the blink of an eye and I think Scrivener starts up quicker …


Glad it went well, Mark. I made the switch last week, and yes, all the programs Launch faster, Mellel in particular.

One frustration was in Mail. I had had several additional storage mailboxes in 10.7. But when I upgraded to ML they did not appear in Mail. I found them, but each had the name plus “BAD” at the beginning. I did not upgrade the MBP so I exported and at least have access to them. But if the iMac was my only machine, I would have been more than frustrated.

Thanks for that. I have been using GyazMail rather than Mail ever since OS-X first came out. I keep trying Mail and getting frustrated with it in different ways. I was planning to give it another go after installing ML, but I’ll take what you say as a warning. I have 5 other mail accounts apart from .mac/me/icloud whichever it is now. GyazMail is working fine. And yes, generally everything seems quicker to start up.


Edit … oh and I use an app called MailSteward for archiving mails to keep things slim on the HD … currently new archive for each year. There’s a free version, restricted to 15,000 mails and maybe other features not available; standard version $35 if I remember rightly, and there is a “Pro” version too, but I don’t need that. Tagging; very comprehensive search system; will work directly with (apparently) so you can set a schedule for regular archiving, otherwise will import mboxes; can include or eliminate attachments to mails.

Scrivener Scratch Pad vs. Mountain Lion Reminders

I’ve decided to give the mountain cat a go (upgrade from Snow Leopard) and there are some things I like about it (using Scrivener in Full Screen mode being the main feature).

I like »Reminders« and how it syncs with my iPhone. So far, I’ve been using Scrivener’s Scratch Pad for managing to do lists, it’s incredibly practical to launch from anywhere with the hot key.

Is there any way to do the same with »Reminders«? It’s a drag to navigate to the reminders app to jot down a note and navigate back to whatever I’m doing. Takes four times as long as launching and closing Scratch Pad. If there isn’t – well, I’ll just stay with Scrivener’s Scratch Pad and sync manually.