Mountain lion update

I just downloaded the Mountain Lion update for my copy of Scrivener and now cannot work in my active file. I cannot use my mouse, trackpad, etc to enter or delete data in my existing Scrivener file. I am still using Lion (not Mountain Lion) as my OS. Is this the problem? Must I update my Mac OS to Mountain Lion before the Scrivener update will work? I am desperate to get back to working on my book. TIA. John

Hi John,

  1. Have you downloaded and installed the latest version of Scrivener (2.3.1)?

  2. Are you running the Mac App Store version or the version from our site?

  3. Are you running ESET CyberSecurity at all?

Thanks and all the best,

Thanks for your reply. I am running version 2.3.1. which i downloaded from the Mac app store. I am not running ESET cybersecurity. The problem began immediately after downloading the Scrivener update. Is there a way for me to get back to the earlier version of Scrivener? I need to get back to work.

Hi John,

No, there’s no way to get back to the earlier version as Apple do not make earlier versions available. It would also be best for us to try to work out what is happening on your system. 2.3.1 doesn’t require Mountain Lion and has been tested extensively on Lion, so there must be something on your system causing the problems.

Are you running any other security software?

What version of Lion are you on?

If you open from /Applications/Utilities, do you see any errors there pertaining to Scrivener?

Many thanks,

Why don’t you try to reinstall Scrivener? You can trash the existing app on your computer nd re-download it from MAS

Can you be more explicit about ESET?

I am a new Mountain Lion user with a brand new Mac with the OS and Scrivener gets ‘stuck’ when trying to edit text. I have the ESET antivirus as my university installs it by Default. Is there any known issue with ESET? How do I circunvent or fix the issue? I just paid in the App store for Scrivener and so far it has proven to be useless. I had to restart many times during the tutorial by killing the application.

Thanks for your feedback.

eset is a right tart of an app that will go home with anyone who has enough money

or was that not what you had in mind :blush:

Unless you have windows installed on the mac using bootcamp or parallels or something, you dont need an anti virus on your mac. Id uninstall it.

The developer seems to be hinting that ESET has some conflicts with Scrivener. At the moment, the only app that is having (presumably?) conflicts with ESET is Scrivener, of all the apps I have recently installed in this Mac. That is why I am writing here.

Uninstallling / disabling your anti-virus software isn’t necessarily good advice.

  1. Mac’s can get viruses. Yes, there are less of them out there than for Windows, and yes the unix architecture makes virus programmers work a little bit harder, but they are out there. There is a reason why Apple no longer claim’s ‘Mac’s don’t get viruses’ on its website.

  2. Getting a virus may be a minor inconvenience to you as a single user, but if you use your computer to access a work network it’s a much bigger deal for the IT administrators. Try this experiment: call your IT department and tell them you think you might have a virus. 5p says that their first reaction isn’t to ask why, what’s happening or anything like that. It’ll be ‘are you connected to the network?’. If you say yes, their next response won’t be ‘okay, talk me through what’s happening’ it’ll be ‘OMG DISCONNECT! NOW! DO IT NOW!’.
    (Note, don’t really try the above)

  3. It’s almost certainly somewhere in one of the many codes, policies and other documents that make up your contract of employment that you don’t disable it.