Mouse back/forward buttons

It would be nice if the built in back/forward buttons on mice would navigate back and forward like the interface back and forward toolbar buttons.

As of right now, at least on the windows version, the mice back/forward buttons don’t do anything in Scrivener.

Yeah, that would be a nice feature add.

Wait, is this a Logitech mouse or something with a dedicated app? In this case, it would be super easy to map those buttons to existing keyboard shortcuts. :thinking:

Sadly no I use a dumb mouse nowadays. It’s back/forward buttons are just the general universal ones and not re-programmable, but it’s ergonomics are much nicer than all my re-programmable mice.

I’m pretty sure there are also third-party tools to remap almost anything, but I’ve become quite out of touch with Windows, so hopefully other automation aficionados will chime in.