mouse flickering in editor

Hi there,

I think this started with the latest update, but any time I scroll up or down in the editor or the quick reference, the mouse ‘flickers’ from the pointer to the line (is that what it’s called? I say ‘line,’ aka when the mouse pointer turns into a line as you hover over text). The speed of the mouse is fine, and doesn’t seem to lag or be delayed, but the rapidity of the flicker (it’s so fast, it almost vibrates) has been giving me a headache and so I look away whenever I scroll down or up my document. I thought maybe it was my laptop, but the flickering mouse only seems to happen with Scrivener, and only in the editor section and quick reference windows. If i scroll through my binder or through the inspector, the mouse is fine and stays normal.

I’m not very savvy with computers, but I did look into troubleshooting and searched to see if anyone else has had this issue, but so far, no dice.

Ah. Help.

I guess I keep saying “mouse” but i mean mouse cursor / pointer