Mouse-free access to project search features

I am wondering if it’s possible to do any of the following:

  1. focus the project search box with a keyboard shortcut

  2. drop down the project search options menu with the keyboard

  3. close the search results without mouse-clicking the x’s in either binder or the search field. (I know it’s possible to do this by, e.g., running the Reveal in Binder command on a doc, but I’d like to be able to return to the binder in its pre-project search state.)

Scrivener’s project search features are really powerful, I’m just looking for a less/non mouse-intensive way of using them.


The default shortcut for project search is Ctrl+G, Ctrl+S, which you can change in the options. You can close the search results and return to the binder either by clearing the search field (select the text and backspace/delete) or using the keyboard shortcut to switch to the previous collection (assuming your search results tab is immediately above your binder tab). The default for that is Ctrl+G, Ctrl+Shift+[. There’s not a way at the moment to access the search options via the keyboard.

Gah! You know I use the user manual all the time and usually find what I"m looking for. Every so often, there’s something obvious staring me right in the face that for some reason I just don’t see. This was another one of those times. I should probably get my eyes checked. Thank you for the reply.