Mouse selectiong hypersentitive in Ubuntu

I’m running beta on XUbuntu 13.04 and Fedora 12.
I love it, but cannot select any text with the mouse. Any time I try to click and drag to select, Scrivener will fly up or down many pages. All other applications work normally, and mouse select even works normally in the Synopsis withing Scrivener, but not the editor.

It’s a nuisance, but I’m worried it could end up corrupting my work, as it’s very easy to quickly select and then delete or move large sections of text.

I have the same problem with both the GearHead wireless mouse and my Logitech T650 pad. I just checked, and it does the same thing on my Fedora laptop. Less of an issue there, as I seldom use the trackpad, but big concern on my decktop. Any clues?

Other than that, I’m loving Scrivener and can’t wait to start paying for it–because I have not plans of ever running Windows again.

I too have noticed the unwanted scrolling of pages, in Ubuntu 12.04 LTS. It seems to have started rather recently in my case–much more recently than the date on which the most recent Scrivener for Linux beta was released (Ahem!). Perhaps some Linux update is the culprit. kraml

This issue has mysterioiusly vanished, at least on my xUbuntu machine, so I guess it was a Linux or driver issue.

Scrivener 64-bit on Ubuntu 14.10.

I have this problem in Full Screen scrivenings view. It’s a pain! Interestingly, mouse selection works fine for me in Full Screen view when I am viewing only a single document; the problem appears only when I’m viewing a group of documents at once (scrivenings).

And I only see the problem in Full Screen; I don’t have it in standard view, whether of one document or a large group of scrivenings.