Mouse/touch pad control negated[ADDITIONAL INFO]

I am running Scrivener on Windows 7, my computer is a Toshiba net book.

When I run Scrivener, my ability to control my mouse touch pad disappears completely - I can’t even find my mouse in the control panel. This has the effect of making impossible to turn off the touch pad when I’m typing. I have found that when using a keyboard the size of a net book it can be hard to keep from brushing the touch pad and accidentally moving my cursor or activating functions that I don’t intend to or at the worst, deleting large portions of my text in the blink of an eye. :frowning:

My husband (and primary tech support) says he can’t see how the mouse controls could be deleted. I can get them back by rebooting my computer, but they go away again when I turn on Scrivener.

Thank you

Hi Mreauow, I’m sorry, but I have absolutely no idea what the issue is here based on your description i.e. I’m not clear whether Scrivener disables your mouse completely or what?

Can you please enumerate on this to spell out the exact issue?