Mouse wheel -> scroll one page at a time does not work


does Scrivener not support ‘scroll one page at a time’ ?

edit: You can edit the windows mouse options to scroll 60 lines per page, which is usually one page. A bit awkward, but it works at least.

The Scrivener Editor isn’t WYSIWYG, so it doesn’t have pages.

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“Page” is also a common term used for the viewport in one’s editor, which is what I suspect what the OP was asking for. Having to set a specific number of lines as a workaround sucks because the second you resize Scrivener, the value is likely wrong again.

That’s what I mean by “it doesn’t have pages”. You could fool yourself into thinking a screen-full is a page, but it’s not.

But some apps do keep track of that and page your viewport through the editor.

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Yes, and funny enough, now that I’ve tried it … Scrivener is one of those apps. I shouldn’t have assumed there’s a problem, when maybe there isn’t.

Page up and page down work in the Editor (on the Mac). If those work, the mouse wheel should also work and if it doesn’t, I blame it on the mouse software. I don’t have a mouse with a wheel myself.

I generally don’t fire up the Windows Scrivener app anymore, but off I go to do that …

Yup, page up and down work in Windows 11 Scrivener.

Mea culpa, yet again, for not testing before I open my mouth. I wouldn’t call a screen a page, though … despite the name on the keys.

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