Mousewheel Scroll in Scrivening sometimes leaps too far

(v3.1.5.1, WIn-10, 64 bit)

It’s been annoying me for a while, but now I’ve exhausted my patience and attempted workarounds.

Not sure it’s scrivener, but I have never seen this in any other app.

Scenario: a long scrivening (10, 20+ documents in “chapter” folders, within other “part” folders, under the MS folder) in the upper editor (also showing binder and inspector).

Using mouse scroll wheel (clicky rather than smooth running type) I scroll slowly from document, through a chapter break and into another document and suddenly the text leaps ~1 editor’s worth (maybe more, sometimes) too far down.

Default mouse: Logitech MX Master 2S on Logitech Unity receiver; but also tried it and found it with a little Dell Bluetooth mouse (a bit less clicky; Logitech OFF), and then an even smaller Innobo USB wired mouse (same problem).

FWIW, all three mice scroll by one line per “click”, as judged by scrolling in Notepad++, and the Logitech’s “free-wheeling” effect was not in use at any time.

Could be my setup, but it feels as though it’s scrivener specific.

Anyone else having this problem, or similar?

Always in a scrivenings. Never in a single doc.
And I just use a normal mouse wheel scroll.
Fix/Solution: unknown.

Bugger. (+… 20char)