move a collection from one project to another

I love the hero journey templet posted on this site. I want to make it a collection in my novel that I can click in and out of in the binder region. I want it not to be in view in the main binder unless I click on that collection. I also need to get it into the other project. I want to use it as sort of a parallel reference.
Can this be done? Import a whole collection and have it in its own space, kind of like how one note works.

Collections aren’t really something that could be made portable between projects. I suppose the only ones that would make sense to do that with would be saved search collections. These could copy the search terms over to the new project, but I bet in most cases that wouldn’t be terribly useful since search strings tend to be quite project specific. If you do find yourself using one search term over and over, like searching for a status of “Revised”, then you might consider making a better starting template for yourself that has your collection set up for you when you make a new project.

Otherwise, ordinary collections are just reference lists for items that already exist in the binder, and that will be different from project to project. You might as well just create a new collection tab and call it “Scenarios” or whatever the original was.

Thanks, for the feedback. I made a folder under research and then dragged and dropped. After that I made a new collection from the folder.