Move "cover image" selection out of the rendering settings

If we use the same render settings for multiple projects, having he chosen cover image set in those settings can be a bit of an inconvenience.

Essentially we already select the front matter which contains the cover image, or at lest they do in my case.
I’m not sure how much would nee to be changed in the .scriv project file to facilitate the cover image selection in each font matter folder.

If these are all like you say different projects then they will be storing their own cover settings independently, even if they all started from the same preset. This would only be a problem if you were storing multiple books in one project for whatever reason (and there are legitimate reasons to do that). So I think you should be okay, unless you are continually re-applying a “Format As” preset? There isn’t usually a reason for doing that, maybe there are some steps you can avoid in your process.

For when there are multiple books are in a single project, and the solution you mention, I think we have considered using the front matter feature to help drive this, at least as an underlying default behaviour until you do otherwise in the Cover compile pane, but that was thought about before a lot of rethinking was done to compile, so I’m not sure if there are still plans for it to use that setting indirectly (and it is a bit weird to do so as front matter is a specific thing, printed material prefacing the main content of the book, that has nothing to do with the dust jacket, printing on the paperback stock, or the cover meta-data flags in an e-book).