move doc to different project?

is there some way to move or copy a document to a different project? can’t see it in the controls nor find it in the tutorial. thanks!

I don’t think there is a way to do it directly, but if you select the document and tap the share icon, you can “Send a Copy” in RTF format to any folder in your Dropbox. Then in the other project, you could import that file from Dropbox.

I could copy/paste them one at a time as well …

Today I decided to combine two fairly long projects (10-ish documents each) into one, to make a sort of book thing. Here’s what I did:

First, duplicate the first project, edit the copy, move all its documents down into a new folder for part 1 or whatever it is.

Then, in the second project, compile the whole thing to plain text (I don’t use any in-line formatting, otherwise maybe I’d use RTF) with folder and document titles displayed, and a document separator of ----.

Import that into the first project. It comes in as one document. I can leave it that way, or use split to split it back apart. I’ll lose all my synopses (though I could have included those in the compile, probably) but can reconstruct my simple structure fairly easily.

This is really the same as the above idea, namely compile and import, but includes some hints as to how to split it back up.
Good luck!

In the macOS Scrivener app, you can simply drag them from the binder of one project to the binder of another.

  1. Open both projects, each in their own window. Arrange them on your screen so that the binders of each are visible.
  2. Select all the documents in the first project that you want to copy to the second (selecting multiple documents works fine, including folder structures).
  3. Drag them to the binder of the second project.