move docs out of folder ... get things flat

Since Scriv iOS (in particular) won’t let me see index cards all the way down, and even real Scriv does that odd sectioned thing, I’ve decided I’ll flatten my draft for now, maybe put things back into folders. So, here’s why I want. Given:

-Folder 1
–Doc 1
–Doc 2
-Folder 2
–Doc 3
–Doc 4

I want to wind up with:

-Folder 1
-Doc 1
-Doc 2
-Folder 2
-Doc 3
-Doc 4

Everything out at top level of Draft, in other words. I can’t seem to drag things out and get them still after the Folder but at the same level. I can move things out to Draft but then they go to the bottom and I lose the sequencing.

Is there a way to do this more expeditiously?


Select everything that you want to have at the same level, or even just the folders containing the documents you want to move to the same level, and use the menu “Documents->Ungroup”.

I did this with some folders collapsed, others showing their contents, and just clicked the first folder in my Draft folder & SHIFT-clicked the last folder in my Draft folder, and the menu item flattened everything out.

I recommend doing a backup of your project (File->Back Up->Back Up To… with the .zip compression option checked) before you try this.

hm, guess i have to look up what group is.

“Group” means to take a selection of documents, create a folder, and move them into it, all in one command. If you think of folders as just one indentation level in an outline, then it’s essentially creating an indent for that group of documents.

Un-grouping just removes the indent.

I recommend that you create a test project, so you can try things like this out. You can even drag a few folders from your real project’s binder into the test document’s binder for testing out new-to-you functions.

thanks, i really was happy to review the docs but you’ve saved me the trouble :slight_smile: