Move File from Research Folder to Draft Folder


I have several book reviewers assessing my manuscript. Some just provide text files of suggested changes and some provide documents using Word’s Track Changes (YUK … can’t believe I’ve had to pollute my Mac by installing MS products to see these).

Each reviewer provides an assessment of a chapter at a time and I store these text files in Scrivener in the subfolder of the chapter to which they pertain.

To see the Word Track Changes reviews in Scrivener, the easiest method I’ve found so far is to “Print” the Word document and select “Save PDF to Scrivener”. I get a perfect pdf containing the tracked changes I want to see.

The problem is that this PDF ends up in the research folder. I want it stored alongside the other chapter reviews in the chapter subfolder to which it pertains, within the main Draft Folder, where to my mind it belongs. But Scrivener won’t let me move it there.

I’m assuming you’re going to say that … it doesn’t belong there … PDF files belong in the Research Folder, not within the novel draft folder and that’s why I can’t move it there… but I just wanted a sanity check to make sure I’m not missing anything.

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It’s not so much that PDF files belong in the Research folder - they can go other places too - and more that the Draft folder can only hold text files. The Draft area is the one pure text area in Scrivener, because this is the manuscript that will be compiled. Here’s what I’d do:

  1. Create a folder somewhere, either in the Research folder or on the same level as the Research folder, for all of these PDF files.

  2. Drop the PDF files in that folder.

  3. In the Draft, select the chapter folder or file to which that PDF file pertains.

  4. Add the PDF file as a document Reference for the chapter folder (in the References table in the inspector).

  5. Under “URL”, where it says “[Internal Link]”, double-click and replace “[Internal Link]” with a single asterisk ("*").

Now, whenever you open the chapter folder, if you click on icon next to its title in the header bar, that PDF document will show up as the first item in the menu, and selecting it will open it in the other editor. This means that you can easily get to the document directly from the chapter folder whenever you want, without having to find it in the Research folder or wherever you have placed it.

(The asterisk trick, which results in the reference being placed in the icon menu, is a bit of an advanced tip, but it’s really useful for this sort of thing.)

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You’re a bloomin’ marvel … that works so well. And now with split panes I can switch between reviewer’s comments and the chapter even faster than if it was a PDF file in the same folder. And if anything it makes the compile easier because I don’t have to deselect the reviewer files during the compile.


Is there anything you haven’t thought of!!!

Thanks so much!


Glad that helped!


On a side note to this old question…

When you initially use the Save PDF to Scrivener function in word, is there any way to specify where that file is initially imported to? Or does it have to be the Research folder?

This tip that you gave me really worked but I’m now trying to avoid the need to move the files to the newly created folder when they’re first imported. My Scrivener project is now so big that scrolling between very full folders to move things around is a pain.

I’ve looked into preferences and can’t find anything that says … import pdfs to folder xxx