"Move Focus to Binder" not working consistently

I’m trying to write a Keyboard Maestro macro that, among other things, grabs the link created by “Copy the Document as External Link”.
Unfortunately, that command is only available if the Binder has the focus for the current document. Adding “Move Focus to Binder” to the macro script should help but the command works inconsistently - or not at all under some circumstances.
Apparently the document currently in the main editor needs to be at least partially selected in the binder (paler selection highlight) for the command to work and move the focus. If there is no selection at all in the binder - yet there is a document in the editor - (you can reproduce this by clicking on an empty area of the binder) the “Move Focus to Binder” command fails to work - even though it is enabled in the menu - it in effect does nothing under these circumstances.

One would expect that “Move Focus To Binder” would select the Binder entry for the document currently in the editor - or that the command would be disabled if for some reason this is impossible.

:bulb: Ideally for my use case, of course, it would be much simpler if the document currently displayed in the editor (and/or whose synopsis is displayed in Scrivenings mode) could be grabbed by “Copy the Document as External Link” regardless of binder focus.

I don’t know if this is strictly speaking a bug; but if you find the above tricky to understand or reproduce, I’d be willing submit a full bug report.



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Try using the Reveal in Binder command in your macro, that should put the Binder on the current doc.

gr (aka jiminy cricket)

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I should have thought of that!
An easy, elegant solution to my problem.
Thanks for answering gr.