Move Folders Between Projects

I have two projects open and want a folder from one to be copied to the other. I’ve done this before (in old!Scriv), but now it doesn’t work.

When I drag the folder over to its new home, a floating window … floats up, saying “move folder to [new home]” and so I drop it there, but it never actually moves/copies to the second project. I know this is how it used to work and it’s clearly how it thinks it works now, but it’s … not working for me. Augh.

Help, please? Thank you!

I was about to try to duplicate your problem, but then saw that the new (Windows) update was available, so I did the update, and then tried to drag a folder from one project into another.

I was successful, so at least I / we know this works in the new update.

Maybe someone here who has not updated can try this for you (presuming you have not yet done the update).

The best of luck with solving this.

I’ve just tried on non-updated Scriv and it works.
Please check if you are dropping on the Binder. Maybe that’s what is making a difference?