Move left/right/up/down now works...

First off Scrivener is a magnificent application. I’m in it ever day and it has imporved my writing wonderfully. Thank you so much.

Now to work:
I was surprised by this note inthe 1.5 change log:

“Move left/right/up/down now works even if the field editor has the focus.”

When I am editing a document all of the move commands (left/right/up/down) do not work.

I was surprised to find that there was no way to use a keystroke combination to get from one document to the next (except for the workaround of sequencing all the docs and using forward and back) So I was overjoyed to see this note. Alas, it does not seem to work (?)

Am I missing something?


This means Documents > Move, as in indent/dedent. It now works when you are editing a title in the binder (this is the field editor). To change documents from the keyboard, use cmd-[ or cmd-] to navigate the history or use the keyboard combo from the View > Move Focus To (or whatever it is called) to shift focus to the binder and use the up/down keys.

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You can also, as with most Mac OS X lists, start typing in the letters of the item you wish to jump to in the Binder. With the Binder focussed, type in Tra and unless you have something else starting that way, you should jump straight to the Trash item. Otherwise, arrow keys and Ctrl-Up / Down to jump to the next container (which will leap over children of folders or stacks—or jump out of them into the next level up, if need be).

Great, thanks for the suggestions. I think I was a bit confused about the metaphor of binder vs editor. I wanted to move a document in its “binder” location up or down (Like after “Ah ha … this really should go before that!”) while in “edit” mode. No biggie, I just have to condition myself to the keystroke shortcut to switch to binder focus from edit focus and back.

Thanks again

That will get easier with 2.0, as ctrl-tab will shift between binder and editor in 2.0 making it a lot easier to remember for quick shifts of focus.
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