Move mode and spacebar move don't work in Mojave

I’m not able to drag the workspace around with either spacebar + left click, or “move mode” and arrow keys. With spacebar+left click, the pointer changes to a grippy hand, but it doesn’t move anything. Pressing “m” displays the move mode icon in the lower left, but the arrow keys don’t do anything.

scapple version 1.30.1 (78)
macos mojave 10.14

To clarify one thing: Movement mode has no way of panning the board around, short of as a side effect of moving an item out of view. It is for moving notes with the arrow keys (and moving them faster with Shift arrow keys).

That aside, I’m not having any issues panning over here, also using 10.14 and the latest Scapple. Do you have a sample board that could be posted that demonstrates the problem, or is this easily reproduced for you with no more than a new board and two notes spread far enough apart to make the canvas larger than the window?

If the latter, I’d try a reinstall just to get any .app gremlins out of the way.