Move scenes WITH metadata

I would like to be able to move scenes from a project to a new project and retain custom metadata. It seems not to do this.

First create the custom metadata fields in your target project, then the data will transfer with the scenes. Be sure to use the same name and datatype.

It will do this - custom metadata will get copied to the other project with the document when you drag between projects - but only for metadata fields that exist in both projects. Dragging one document to another project won’t create custom metadata fields in Project Settings. So you just need to make sure that the custom metadata is also set up in the project you are dragging to for this to work.

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Just to add the final wrinkle to the steps above: you can drag the custom metadata fields from one project other — you don’t have to recreate them manually.

Just open Project > Project Settings > Custom Metadata in both projects and drag from one to the other. This works for custom metadata, statuses and labels, but not for Section Types.


Excellent, thank you all.