Move Scrivener Project to Google Drive?

I have Scrivener on my laptop. It’s a new Windows install. I migrated all of my novel’s components (outline, character sketches, chapters) to Scrivener on my laptop local drive. But now I’m thinking maybe I should have put it on my google drive so it can be more portable, i.e I can work on it from my business travel without having to bring two laptops. Can I easily move the project to the google drive without any problems or corruption? Can I have Scrivener on both computers with a single license (would only be using one at any given time)?

We don’t recommend using Google Drive to store and work on live projects, given how many reports we’ve received of it not working well for this particular type of use.

Note that on this page there is an alternative method described that is safe to use with just about any technology. It is the method I use with BitTorrent Sync.