move selected text? how to?

I am reworking a script and would like to move selected text (action or character+dialogue) to a different place in a scene.

I select it and hold down my cursor on the selection and expect to be able to move it as in a text editor. But that doesn’t work. It just unselects my selection.

The only alternative I can use is very clumsy: Copy the selection (Cmd C) then paste it (Cmd V) to a new location then go back and delete the original selection.

Is the easy way possible with Scrivener? Am I missing something? I have searched the manual but nothing comes up in reference to this.

Thanks for any help on this.


It should work as you describe.

However, if having any issues, try selecting as usual and holding down the CMD key to move the text or the ALT/OPT key to copy it to a new location.

Also, if you want to move text using the keyboard, select as usual and then use CMD X to cut the text and CMD V to paste it to the new location.


Briar Kit

either you follow Briar Kits advice, or select the text and press Cmd-X to cut it out, and use Cmd-V to paste it where you want it.

When click-and-drag fails to work, the most common reason is that there wasn’t enough of a pause between making the selection and clicking to drag it. The text system needs to be able to recognize that you are doing two different actions.


Thanks for the replies.

Briar: the cmd-x/cmd-v works fine. It at least cuts out having to go back and delete what I want to move.

Katherine: Click-and-drag does not work no matter how long I wait. This only applies to Scrivener however. In all my other text program, no problem. (Bean or LibreOffice).

Thanks again for your time and replies.

What pointing device are you using? Mouse? Trackpad?

Are you able to click-and-drag in TextEdit? It’s the application that comes closest to using Scrivener’s text system.


Hi Katherine

I use a mouse with my desktop Mac.

In TextEdit, I just select something, left click, hold and move to wherever I want.
I have looked at all my configurations in preferences and can’t see anything suspicious. I don’t usually change anything in there in any case.

It would be cool if I could figure this out. If not, it’s not life-threatening. :smiley:


If you select the text as normal and then hold down the CMD key while dragging with the left mouse key depressed, it still doesn’t work?

The CMD key should lock the selection and allow the text to be dragged as required.


Briar Kit

Hallelujah!!! Who knew??

Thanks Briar.


It shouldn’t be necessary to use the CMD key, but if simple dragging doesn’t work as required, the CMD-key method is pretty reliable and robust.


Briar Kit