Move Text Left does not work, and a query on the new shortcut schemes Beta (1078406) 64 Bit, Windows 10.

I’m delighted to notice that the increase/decrease indent short keys at last work exactly as intended, or so it seems thus far. Specifically, [Increase Indents] and [Decrease Indents].

As [Move Text Right] does the same thing as [Increase Indents], one expects [Move Text Left] to do the same thing as [Decrease Indents].

Hoewver, [Move Text Left] doesn’t work. It’s odd when you’d think it was just referencing the same thing as [Decrease Indents].

The shortcut for these move text direction keys are CTRL+ALT+(Direction key), for me. So it’s only ctrl+alt+left that doesn’t work. This is mostly a non issue as [Decrease Indents] works, it’s just a small glitch to the usability.

In other stuff, I’m glad to be back. I haven’t had a chance to write for months, to my great despair. At long last kids are back in school, last one is to start Kinder next year, things are vaguely approaching some sense of normality and maybe I’ll have time to write. But I’m so very confused by the changes to the short cuts. Is there a rundown somewhere of the changes and logic behind why I should adapt to them? I did save my existing bindings so no drama here.

Not to sound like an NPC out of starcraft, but which one’s the “meta” key? Are any of these new keybinding changes worth using?

Indeed the new shortcuts for Increase/Decrease Indents are Meta+Alt+Left/Right arrow keys.
The shortcuts for Increase/Decrease FIRST LINE Indents are Alt+Shift+Left/Right arrow keys.

I tested them all and they work as expected in my tests. The Meta key is the “Win” key under Windows usually having the Windows logo printed on top. If some shortcuts do not work for you, please make sure the shortcuts are not stolen from any other Windows application.

Thank you for your explanation. My mistakes were many. I suspect Steam may have stolen the shortcuts, or that I had the Windows key disabled via a button on my keyboard. Heh.

For another, I didn’t realize that the Windows start menu doesn’t pop up until one releases the Windows key - but if you press the Win Key and then other keys as well, the start menu doesn’t pop up. Feel like an extra dunce now.

Really, these changes make it quite easy and simple to use in many ways. I’m so delighted that the indentation tools work better now. I’ll obviously take a while getting used to it but it’s an interesting change.

I did have to change my header/footer/toolbar/format bar back though, once you’ve gotten used to it it’s very awkward pressing alt+shift on windows. Wait, unless I’m supposed to use the OTHER alt. Oof. Okay. I see. This is like when I realized that hanging and right indents just needed me to also press the shift key. Ha.