"Move to" -- entirely by keyboard

Edit: This was fixed in release 1.6.1. Much appreciated! :smiley:

Greetings – I’m looking to create a new document spontaneously, and then run “Move To” to deliver it to its intended spot in the binder, and accomplish the “Move To” entirely by keyboard.

Some of the parent documents have keyboard paths via ampersand names in the form &Top Level, &First Topic, etc. But arrow keys also work well for “Move To” navigation.

Here’s the problem. A keyboard sequence might begin: Alt-D Alt-E Enter Down-Arrow Right-Arrow. The pointer is now right where I want the document to go. But from there, there’s no obvious way to close the deal without resorting to the mouse, and usually losing the sequence.

I’m looking for a key combination that would work just like a mouse click at that point, putting the document exactly where I’ve navigated to. Pressing Enter moves the pointer farther out along the tree. It will deposit the document only by creating a new branch, not by adding it to an existing branch.

Suggestions? Thanks.

This is something that I feel is a bit lacking as well, and I know that part of the problem is the quirky way that Qt menus let you navigate sub-menus with the keyboard, but neglect to leave a keyboard initiated enactment key (like spacebar) and wipe the navigation if you so much as move the mouse over there—that’s a mess but it is unfortunately a quirk of the Qt toolkit we use to make the software.

What I’ve already put into the stash of ideas for future consideration is a “Move to X again” menu command with a keyboard shortcut. This would move the selected binder item(s) to the last container you moved an item to. Yes, it doesn’t provide 100% keyboard coverage, but that is going to be awkward to provide no matter, and the last container you moved stuff to is often going to be the container you want to move future stuff to, as well.

Thanks Amber. Glad to know the team’s aware of the completion issue. That capability should really be native in Qt.

I’ve found that moving the mouse cursor to the far right before initiating the Move To makes the needed final click a fairly easy and non-destructive reach. So there is a knack to initiating with the keyboard and closing with the mouse. All best.