Move to selection

I tried to move a footnote into the editor by using the function “Move to Selection” on the right click menu of the footnotes and the footnote utterly disappeared. That note took me several days to research and write, and I am frantic. Can someone please tell me if there is any way to retrieve it?
Thank you.
Sarra Lev

Ctrl+Z will undo your changes. If you have closed the project, using a project backup is the only option. Sorry about that. If you find a reproducible use case, please post it here or email us the steps.

Ctrl Z did not do anything. And I have reproduced it. It’s a terrible bug. It’s destroyed a tremendous amount of work. You can try it yourself. All I did was to highlight a blank space in a document, then go to a footnote and click “move to selection.”

I need someone to talk to me.
I realized that I have this on dropbox, so I can replace my current file with an older one, but I did so many things in the folder to try to recapture this first, that I’m afraid I’ve totally screwed it up. First I changed the binder.backup file to 1binder.backup and anything else that looked like a backup to the same. Then I couldn’t open the file, so I added a scrivener extension to it.
I’ve now tried to substitute the new file (without the footnote) with a backup file from dropbox, but I get this message:

Location Access Error
Cannot access: ‘C:/Book - Scrivener.scrivx’
File is not writable: Access is denied.
Auto-saves need write permission to your project.

At this point, I’ve no idea what to do.
Any help would be greatly appreciated.

I have emailed you a private message with some info.

I’m getting this same error! Help please!