Move to Trash is not working

Good morning,
I am relatively new to Scrivener, having only used it since March 2020. The program is great, and I love using it. However, in the last 10 days or so, the move to trash option is grayed out and will not work. I find this very frustrating, and cannot figure out how to fix it. I’ve searched the manual, but nothing discusses why I cannot delete sections from my chapters in the draft/manuscript section. I could do it for months, and now nothing. I know there are folders like Research which cannot be deleted. No problem. I am not in any of those.

Should I re-install my Scrivener program? Will that reinstate the full functionality of the program?

I can’t recall ever hearing of this one before.

So, if you right click on a text document in the binder, the Move to Trash option is greyed out?

Is it like this for all of your projects?