Moved folders into they're empty

I had a very large document that I wanted to compile. When I went to compile it the system told met that it couldn’t compile it because no pages were chosen, but there was nothing in the drop down menu.
I noticed that my folders for some reason, had not been created under a general “Page” (that is called “manuscript” or “draft” on all of my other documents).
So I moved under the “Draft” option (see image) and was able to compile the document. However, the compilation file was empty and now the information is gone from all of my pages and folders. The folders and pages are still there, but now they’re empty.
Unfortunately, my backup files don’t go back far enough before the problem for me to recover them, due to trying to fix the problem.
Is there an easy way to fix this or did I just lose 4 months worth of work?
draft file image.png

It’s possible that your text documents are still within the project folder, even if they aren’t appearing in the binder. To check, make sure your project is closed and then navigate to your project’s .scriv folder in File Explorer. Duplicate this folder (as a general rule, you don’t really want to play inside of your original .scriv folder, just in case you end up moving or deleting the wrong thing.)

Inside the duplicated folder, navigate to the Files folder, then the Docs folder. You should see a bunch of subfolders which contain the contents of your project. The folders are named according to their internal ID and won’t mean much to you, so you may want to sort these by Date Created then have a look through the .rtf files according to when you created the text documents that you are trying to recover. If you manage to find your lost text, you can drag and drop the .rtf file back into your project binder, or use the File > Import > Files… function in Scrivener.