Moved from App Store to Direct-Sale (because Big Sur problem) downgraded me to Demo Mode

I have a Scrivener 3 license from App Store on my Mac.
Since I upgraded to Big Sur, Scrivener crashes.
I’ve learned (here: ) that the solution is to install Direct-Sale version and remove the App Store version. According to these instructions, Scrivener should detect automatically that I have a valid license from Apple and start in a full licensed mode, but after installing the new version it started in time limit Demo Mode.
Please Help!

Please send an email to our support address. Include verification of your App Store purchase.

Please be patient, as we’re largely shut down for the holidays.


I’ve sent the Apple receipt for Scrivener.
Happy Holidays!

On rereading your post, you should be able to update to the latest version directly from the App Store software. Have you tried that?


Yes, App store version is working now!
Happy new year.