Movement between Scrivner for Windows and Mac

My parents have been visiting, and since I have my office in my guest room, I have been forced to use my second office on my Lenai. I have Windows Gaming PC set up out there, as opposed to my Studio Mac in my office. My problem is that I live in Florida and the Lenai is super uncomfortable. Despite the pretty view of the back yard pond and all the wildlife, the Lenai gets really really fucking hot and the chair I bought for the desk is uncomfortable. So I like to go back and forth between both offices as often as I can.

The problem is that my work doesn’t seem to transfer over. All the files are saved on OneDrive and as I leave my window machine I make sure I save and close out of Scrivner. But when I get on my Mac none of the new content I’ve written is there. The saved file is about 2 days out of date.

Anybody know a way to make sure I get the most up to date version of my WiP?

This is a OneDrive task, not a Scrivener task: Scrivener just saves the files to the local hard drive.

Make sure the OneDrive software is installed, running, and connected to your account on both systems. Also make sure that OneDrive on both systems is configured for “offline” access to the project.

Finally, make sure that Scrivener is actually opening the correct version of the project. The Recent Projects list is not necessarily trustworthy. Locate the project in Finder and open it from there.


Yeah, there’s a very good chance this is the issue!