movie/audio file counter

Wow, I love the counter. Thanks SO much for this feature.

Of course there’s one more thing that would make it work even better. (I know, there’s ALWAYS one more thing…)

It would be even more useful if the counter moved in line with the button. In other words, if the numbers of the counter changed according to where the button is as I move it. I have to kind of guess, then release to see where I am, etc.

Don’t know if this is possible. I can live with it as is if needed. I’m very grateful just to have it!


Huh. That is annoying, I agree. I’ll look into it, though I have no idea how to do it. The current counter code was cribbed straight from an Apple “how-to-make-a-QuickTime-player” document, so I’m surprised their example displays this annoying behaviour. Actually, scratch that, I’m not really all that surprised, to be honest.

Yeah, Apple sure isn’t perfect! I appreciate your looking into it. If anyone can make it work, you can! (and if you can’t, I understand!)


You know, I’m not sure I can do this - sorry. :frowning: I’ll keep an eye out for a way to do this, but the standard methods for getting the time from the slider don’t do this, and I don’t really know where else to go because I’m no QuickTime expert. It’s definitely suss that the code Apple give as their main QuickTime example doesn’t do this, and that QuickTime (the program as opposed to the framework) uses a custom control slider.
Like I say, I’ll keep an eye out, but I doubt this will make it in anytime soon.

No problem, Keith. It’s definitely not worth spending too much time on it at this point, with all the other stuff you are dealing with. Thanks so much for looking into it. If you can ever find a way, that’s great. But I can certainly live with it the way it is!