first post!


  1. frackin awesome application.

  2. i’ve been using Screenwriter and love the key functions and how they make formatting almost automatic. if Scrivener adopted these same key strokes and pop up windows (ie “tab” to enter character from pop up window list of all characters in screenplay or “enter” would make a pop up with list of INT, EXT, etc, then LOCATION then TIME OF DAY), i would use Scrivener exclusively.

i’m a motion designer/video editor just getting into writing and i am super impressed by the feature rich and intuitive interface. above all, ITS SIMPLE.

cheers from nyc.


typical newbie…

after a bit more exploring, there are many screenwriting “tab/enter” features similar to Screenwriter in Scrivener.

i also tried exporting a Screenwriter project to .rtf and importing it into Scrivener and the formatting doesn’t conform to Scrivener’s screenplay mode settings.

btw, the video was tremendously helpful. i hope to see more! =)


Hi Ben,

If you take a look at the Scriptwriting section of the Help file, it explains how to set up your own scriptwriting mode in Scrivener, so that you can make the scriptwriting mode in Scrivener conform to the the RTF file you have exported from Screenwriter and recognise all the elements.

Hope that helps - glad you like Scrivener!
All the best,