MovieMaker Magazine articles (written in Scrivener)

Recently, I’ve done some freelance writing for MovieMaker Magazine. There are some handy tips for screenwriters here. And, all the articles were written with Scrivener :slight_smile:

“The Script Doctor is In: How to Triage Script Notes” … &u1=friend

“Show them Your Shorts” (an article on crafting short films) … &u1=friend

“The Script Doctor is In: Cures for Common Complaints”
(not yet available on-line, but published in the current editon of MovieMaker Magazine)

Hello Penny, Great design work and writing in your MM mag articles that you wrote in Scriv. May I ask for your workflow as to how you inserted those images into your article? I am total newbie to Scriv. Thanks George

Hi George,

Scrivener will let you insert tables (Format>Table) and you can also insert .jpeg images (copy & paste or drag & drop). I designed the yin/yang symbol in Pixelmator (my favorite idiot-proof image editing program), exported it as a .jpeg and dragged it into the Scrivener file.

However, I can only take a little credit for the final look of the piece. MM has its own graphic design people. I sent them the .rtf with the text, tables & image. They cleaned it up, re-laid it out with new fonts and added an illustration.

Scrivener is a great tool for writing, but it’s page layout features are minimal (particularly regarding the placement and management of images). As a copywriter, I am usually working in collaboration with graphic designers, so I get the luxury of just sending them the raw text and sketched-out images and then they get the job of making it look pretty. When I do stuff on my own, I use other programs to lay out things that are visually complicated. (For me, Pages, Pixelmator and Omigraffle are better for their layout features. Pro designers will use something like Illustrator or InDesign).

Hope this helps…