Moving a file back and forth between Linux and Mac?

Hi everyone,

I’ve got Scriv 1.9 working on my Chromebook via crouton, but I’m a little hesitant to trust it explicitly as I will be moving a project back and forth between this and scrivener on my Mac (latest version).

Do any of you do this? Any concerns about the file getting messed up when going between the two? Or data that might be lost when saved by the Linux version?

Before anyone suggests using the sync feature instead… I’ve tried that several times and it always somehow leads to a messed up project. More headaches than it’s worth.

I currently do this. - exactly as you describe. I have a Mac mini running the latest scrivener and the latest Linux version on my Chromebook. I keep the synced on drop box.

I find that as long as you close the document and let Dropbox completely sync before attempting to open it on the other device its works well. At worse I’ve had a couple of sync issues but managed to fix them using Meld.

In no way though have a I lost or borked the document - but I still make zipped backups every time I shut down and SCP them to my VPS - you can’t be too careful :smiley:

Thanks for that. What is Meld, by the way?

You’re welcome. Hopefully it should continue to work as long as the Linux version’s support for the file format doesn’t drift from it’s macOS and Windows counterparts as they get updated…

Meld is an extremely powerful GUI program (front end for Diff) to highlight and manage changes in text files (like Scrivener’s XML files) or whole directories. I find it indispensable in my professional life.

It’s in the standard repos though for just about every distro out there.

For Debian/Ubuntu/Mint/ElementaryOS, run the following command in your terminal.

sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get install meld

I’ve been doing this as well, between Scrivener on Mac and Scrivener on Windows and Scrivener on Linux, for several years. I keep the documents in Dropbox. I do not use the “sync” feature of Scrivener.

I just did it this morning. I worked on a project on Scrivener on Linux (using Crossover Office - used the Windows version of Scrivener). After I closed Scrivener, I made sure Dropbox finished the sync before I shut down - just click the Dropbox icon or you can just see it animate while it syncs. When I got back to my Mac, I opened the project there and all my changes were already there.


The Sync with External Folder is intended to allow you to work on a Scrivener project using third-party tools. It is not intended to keep multiple instances of a project in sync across multiple platforms. For that, Dropbox is the way to go.

Please read this article, on best practices to avoid synchronization errors with ‘cloud’ services: … c-services