Moving a note up/down to different folder

The manual says:
Moving items with the keyboard - Ctrl-ArrowKeys can be used to move an item around
spatially in the binder, step by step. Up and down will increase or decrease its
placement in the outline, while left and right will promote and demote the item.
For example, selecting a folder that holds the contents of chapter eight, and pressing
Ctrl-DownArrow will move it down one spot, swapping its position with the chapter
below. It will now be chapter nine, and the other chapter will be eight.

But I am finding that the ctrl+up/arrow (or down/arrow) do not move a note between folders. Is that how it should work?

I misread you the first time. I think everything is working the way it should. The down/up movement commands will not escape an indentation level implicitly. You must declare that the item should be promoted with Left, then it can be moved among its prior aunts and uncles, as siblings, and demoted into any of them if desired.

EXCELLENT to know (and now understand) this concept. Makes sense, because even moving it with the “mouse” promotes it. THANKS!

Just want to add my thanks. One of the reasons I follow this forum is that, as a newbie, I learn so many things about how Scrivener works. Not having completely Read The Fabulous Manual :slight_smile: , I wasn’t aware of these Ctrl + arrow key functions. I find them much easier to use than the mouse, now that I’ve tried them, since they don’t require such precise hand-eye coordination (always a challenge for me!). Thanks for raising the question, jwnelson.