Moving a story created on iOS to Mac

I created a story and after naming it a New Project dialog popped up asking if it should be saved on the iPad or to Dropbox. I chose iPad but would like to migrate it to Dropbox but don’t see how. Is this possible or do I just need to start over and copy/paste everything into the new story?

Thank you.

You can move the project from the “On My iPad” section to the “Dropbox” one at the projects screen. There’s a visual of it in a Literature and Latte iOS Scrivener video. Forward to about 2:30 (the whole video is well worth the time spent watching): … een?os=iOS

If you haven’t yet, read the iOS tutorial about syncing. If things aren’t clear for you after reading that, there’s a Literature and Latte knowledge base article here: … g-with-ios

Awesome–thank you very much. I haven’t watched it or looked at the tutorial. So far most thing’s haven’t been that difficult. Or I just might be doing them wrong. Lol.