Moving a Word manuscript to Scrivener

Good day. I have created a non-fiction software handbook in Word 365. The manuscript is about 350 A4 pages and contains many drawings and images.
I need to understand the best method to move this manuscript to Scrivener for final editing and formatting.
When this is complete, I need to present the final product in three formats.
ePub, for print and Kindle.
Please guide me how to approach this.
Kind regards

Hello, Zack.

One of Scrivener’s greatest assets is being able to write in ‘parts’ (paragraphs, scenes, chapters, etc) and to then compile all the different parts into one cohesive unit and multiple different formats. When bringing a long document into Scrivener, the option to ‘import and split’ allows users to gain a lot of control over their work, how it will be revised, and how it will eventually be published. Worth a read:

Windows manual: 15.4.1 Splitting the Document

Good luck with your work.


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Thank you for this prompt response.
The import and split approach does work fine except for the images. Only text is imported perfectly formatted, etc. but all images are ignored.
I have 2 to 3 images on each page and to insert them afterwards, finding the correct image and inserting it would be a nightmare. Is there no other way to somehow copy and paste or other method, a batch of pages and retain the Word pages exactly as they are, images and text and get the pages into Scrivener?

Scrivener’s main strength is in the composition phase. It’s not really designed for layout, unless you get deep into the weeds of compiling for LaTeX. Even then, a lot of the layout is out of your direct control.

The general advice for people looking to do heavy layout work is to compile out of Scrivener and use Word or something like InDesign to do that final part… not the other way around.

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This does seem to sum up the bottom line for the situation described.

If you’ve written your manuscript in Word, and it is at a fairly late stage, then you may find the usefulness of Scrivener’s multi-document model – the writing in “parts” that SWM described – more or less diminished. Especially if you are hoping to do late stage integration lots of images with the text.

Thank you for the responses. My main reason for using Word was the ability to have several language and grammer tools active while writing. I was inserting images into the pages as part of the manuscript as this was needed to explain technical statements. My intent was to move the final manuscript into Scrivener for final editing, and the different export options from the same manuscript.
After several tests I believe I have found that cut & paste from Word give me the result I want. Not very elegant but I will achieve my goal.
I will approach my next project differently.
Thank you.