Moving around in Split Screen

I’m not sure how to phrase this exactly, and I’m not sure that it’s possible, but it would be kind of neat if when you’re using a split screen and you change documents in one editor, the document in the other editor changes also. For instance, I typically have two documents for every scene, the scene document itself, and a notes document. If I change to a different scene document in one editor, the notes document from the first scene remains in the other editor. I understand that the two editors are specifically meant to be independent, but I wouldn’t mind if there was a way to add some sort of link between two documents, so if one side is changed, you have the option of changing the other automatically. If a document that you move to in one editor doesn’t have a linked document, then the other editor doesn’t change.

Again, not sure if such a thing is possible, but it would save mouseclicks, and everyone knows that for every mouseclick you save, an angel helps a grad student finish before a deadline.

PS, is there any way to have more than just two split screens (for those people with really wide monitors)?

PPS, Yes, I know that there’s a “Document Notes” pane in the Inspector for every document. I don’t like using this most of the time, because there’s no ruler, formatting can be buggy, and bulleted lists can go extremely wonky, and my notes documents are typically bulleted outlines for the scenes.

You could load all your notes documents as one multiple selection into one pane, then have your first text document in the other pane. You would then change your text document as you go on, but just scroll down the notes pane.

To make selecting notes even easier you could use metadata labels to set documents as ‘text’ or ‘notes’ and use a filter to create a notes collection, which could be easily selected.

I’ve run into a similar problem when I wanted to write new scenes in one split-screen window and have the full-treatment notes side by side in the other split-screen window. Yet, after about 20% into the project I gave up on this approach as the duplication of each scene document created a long and cumbersome list in the binder, not to mention the duplication of each synopsis and the handling of the metadata.

Instead, I copied the full-treatment notes into the notes pane of each scene. This took a considerable effort as the formatting had to be manually adjusted (There is no zoom option in the Notes Pane. So for 12pt text of the main editor window at 150% zoom level to look approximately the same size it has to be increased to about 16pt text in the Notes Pane. Hopefully, there will be a zoom option in the future for the Notes Pane).

I cannot really comment about the issues that Sanguinius encountered in the Notes Pane as I am using the Mac version. There, the Ruler can be shown/hidden and bullets work pretty well in the Notes Panel.