Moving around Scrivener via keyboard

I cannot find a key-stroke for:

  1. When I’m focused on the Binder and titling a new document, how can I move to the editing window of that document?

  2. I am doing a read-through on-screen and I have to either arrow all the way to the top or use my trackball and scroll up. Is there a place to “reset” all documents cursors to the top? Being able to limit that to “selected folders and documents” would be even better. :smiley:

I think both of these fit under “Keyboard Shortcuts”, but I haven’t found any that do what I’m looking for. I tried using the “Home” key and, because I was still focused in the binder… yep, it took me to the top of the Binder.


Hi Anne,

In general, Control tab cycles you from one main ‘pane’ to the next (so if you’ve only one Editor open, then it toggles between the Binder and the Editor, but if you have a split editor, it will cycle between all three open panes). Tab on its own will also work going from the Binder to the Editor (the last one used if you’ve got a split), but it won’t go the other way (and a second tab inserts one into the text), so you’re better off using Ctl-tab all the time…)

There are also specific shortcuts to move directly to the Binder, Left/Top, Right/Bottom editors, the Title bar, and all the individual Inspector panels.

These are all on either the Navigate > Move Focus to menu or the Navigate > Inspect menu, where you should see the relevant shortcuts (I don’t know what the actual shortcuts are on Windows, I’m afraid…)

Another useful command to know the shortcut for is Navigate > Reveal in Binder (cmd-opt-r on the Mac) which takes you from the editor to its place in the Binder.

I don’t think there’s an answer to your second point — at least, I can’t think of a way of doing that off-hand…



As for that, on Windows you can use Ctrl+Home, and for the Mac it is ⌘↑.

Thank you both for your replies. Especially since it appears my eyes passed right over those menus. Now, I’m off to figure out why my update installation failed. sigh