Moving back and forth between Mellel and Scrivener

As I am new to this forum, please forgive me if I am asking something obvious.
My main writing tool is Mellel, because for academic writing I need footnotes and endnotes.
Yet, Scrivener seems a wonderful way to organize the chapters of my forthcoming book and I really like the interface and the full screen mode.

Of course, I know Mellel does an excellent job exporting files in RTF format, which can then easily be imported into Scrivener. My problem is rather going the other way round, because some of the formatting is lost in the RTF translation when importing a file into Mellel. Basically, for each file that I export from Scrivener I need to reselect the format for all paragraphs in Mellel. Obviously, the same is true when importing RTF files from other applications.

Here is my question:
Can you suggest a smoother way to move back and forth between pieces written in Mellel and in Scrivener? I am torn between the respective advantages of these two great applications. Some sort of synchronization or linking of files would be ideal.

Thank you in advance for your time.

As far as I know, paragraph formatting is preserved in RTF import, but of course as ad hoc styles. Getting these into ‘proper’ Mellel Paragraph styles is what File > Replace Styles can do.

Replace Styles is awkward to use (how to know which is which in what is to be replaced?), but won’t this work for you?

Or are there some paragraph styles you use in Scrivener that don’t get preserved even as ad hoc styles?

Thank you for your reply. Yes, it seems to be a lesser evil, but having to do this every time will probably be enough to discourage me from using both applications concurrently. After all, Mellel’s full screen view is not bad. I will probably have to write each chapter only in Mellel, and then export them to Scrivener to assemble them and adjust the overall flow.

Gratefully yours

I don’t know how useful this might be to you, but it’s the best I’ve been able to come up with. For me it works because I don’t need many paragraph styles.

Mellel’s Replace Styles dialogue box is hard to use because the style names in Scrivener don’t come through the rtf import. What comes through is info about line spacing and tabs. So what I do is use different line spacings for the various styles. This makes these easily identifiable in the dialogue box. The irregularity in line spacing then gets put right when the styles are replaced. This works fine for a few styles, but if you need more it might be a bit awkward.
I hope someone can show me a better idea!

Best would be for style names to be preserved…