Moving between Document and Notes in Fullscreen

When I’m writing in fullscreen mode, I keep the Inspector open so I can sketch out a note when I need to.
My question is this: is there a keyboard shortcut to switch the focus between the document (the big rectangle in the middle), and the notes section of the inspector (the palette to the side)? It would be nice not to have to hit the mouse to do so.

I did some searching, but didn’t see anything in the keyboard shortcuts list. If I missed it, my apologies. Any help is greatly apreciated!


No, there isn’t, but there should be! I’ll add it to my list for 2.0.
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Wow! That would be excellent!


I hope this isn’t pushing my luck.

I’ve started working heavily with the binder, the editor, and the document notes windows in the non-fullscreen view. I appreciate the keyboard shortcuts for leaping from one view to another, and I wish I could edit them so that they didn’t require all three of the modifier keys to invoke.

I also wonder if, alternatively, it would be possible to have keyboard shortcuts to step through the various panels and windows, similar to cmd-Tabbing through windows in Firefox.

I imagine it’s a tricky juggling act, though. It’s one thing to implement such features in a browser or image manipulation app, but when we’re talking about a writing app, I guess people primarily want their keyboard to be putting letters on the screen. And considering how nicely the screenwriting interface is implemented… like i said, juggling act.

You shouldn’t be so supportive of your community, Keith! Otherwise you get jerks like me asking for the world! ;D

You can already do that. Note these instructions are for Leopard, but the process is basically the same in Snow Leopard—Apple has just rearranged the panel a bit.

It’s already been stated that Scrivener 2 will have Ctrl-Tab for this kind of cycle navigation, though I’m not sure if it will go everywhere. You might still need to use the jump navigation style keys for some things.

If you just want to jump between project windows, Cmd-~ (that’s a tilde if the font obscures it). That is fairly standard for all Mac applications.

Not pushing your luck at all. 2.0 has a shortcut that will tab between the binder and two editors - ctrl-tab. It doesn’t tab between the other views (the inspector views), mainly because in discussion with users, the most common shortcut desired was just one that would flip quickly back and forth between the binder and editors.

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Ahhh, neat. I’m used to Windows - I didn’t know OSX had this system-wide option. Thanks!

I wish Apple had taken a note from the Gnome guys on this front. In that system, to assign your own shortcuts you just hover your mouse over the menu item and then press the keys you wish to assign to it. Typing in the full name (including the ellipses!) is a bit of a bother, especially when the menu item is the sort that toggles its name when activated, then you have to set up two different shortcuts. But yes otherwise it is a very nice OS feature and since it is an OS feature, you don’t have to worry about upgrading applications blowing away all of your customisations.

“Now Menus” used to do that on old Mac systems. I wonder if there’s a modern day utility that will do the same thing…

I don’t know of anything that matches that description. You would think it would be easier to code something like that these days. Shortcut over-rides are stored in a universal location now, and back then I think shortcuts were all stored in the applications’ individual resource forks.

I’ve used iKey to overridemenu shortcuts or assign shortcuts. iKey allows one to identify menus by “name containing”, “name beginning”, and so on. This has been handy for manipulating the “Recent Items” menus, which go under many names. iKey overrides every other shortcut, including those assigned by the system.