Moving between text tabs in Binder

When I move between tabs that I have set up in the Binder, I always lose my place. Specifically, when I switch from one tab to the next, the position of my cursor in the document changes when I return to the first. Does this happen to anyone else? Is there a way to stop this?


Hello Crazy,
It is the same for us all. You should not lose your place completely as whatever document you had selected in the binder should still be highlighted when you return from another tab, just the cursor disappears within the document. Myself, should I wish to keep my place in a document, I just double click on the nearest word to my cursor position, thus highlighting it. This remains highlighted when I return from other tabs and go back to the binder.

When you return to a document, try clicking on the title bar at the top of editor pane, then hitting TAB to get the focus into the editor window OR using the menu View->Move Focus To->Editor (or Supporting Editor). If you use the left/right arrows keys at that point, you should be able to see where you were last, or force a scroll to that point if that spot’s not visible.

Works great, thanks!