moving book to Beta

A leap of faith…

I’ve been using both Scrivener and the beta side by side – the beta for shorter articles but keeping my main book project in the officially released version. I was very hesitant to move an important (to me at least :slight_smile: ) project to a beta version.

However, the book is Very Big. I’ve already split it in half b/c it crashed Scrivener 1 too often, and now am again having problems with the growing main half. And, I find the version 3 interface muchmore readable.

So, have just moved this big, multi-year project to the Scrivener 3 beta, It seems faster and more stable for a work of this size. And – as i realized from when i started using it with short pieces - so much easier to navigate. Hopefully will not discover some horrid large project bug :slight_smile:

Welcome to the beta (for a big project anyway)!

You’ll see most of the bugs around here are for little things that aren’t working quite right yet. The basics seem to be very solid, and that includes handling your data without mishaps. The overall design beneath the hood in v3 is considerably safer than v1. The saving engine has been reworked (in the past you could lose stuff if crashes or computer malfunctions occured while saving, I understand), and there are more protections against internal sync issues, if you use OneDrive or anything of that nature.

But as always, keep daily backups!

Thanks Amber!
And yes, I’ve been using the beta for small projects and it did indeed seem more solid. And I keep LOTS of backups.

I am quite glad that the creators of Scrivener have allowed their users the choice of whether to stick with version 1 or move to the beta of 3, with enough information so that we could choose, based on our own needs, when the balance tipped toward being better off with switching.

Out of curiosity, are you just using two files (1/2 book per file) in your binder? The basic design of Scrivener encourages breaking things down to at least one file per chapter.

No, I have plenty of files!
I had to split the book into two separate projects to keep it from crashing.