moving cards in corkboard

I’m sure this is obvious and easy but I can’t put my hands on the information & would be grateful for a clue from one of you

I searched for the following:
Selected files (all w/in the same folder in binder)
Labeled red

and then wanted to view them in cork board.
All of this worked & was great, BUT, there’s no way to move the cards around on the cork board? I need to re-order them for proper sequencing … but how???

You can’t move index cards on the corkboard that are the result of a search or a saved search collection. If you change the search to an ordinary collection and then put that on the corkboard, then yes you can move the cards around, but there’s no way to get that reordering back into the binder (because how would that affect other cards not included in the search?) Only if you drag the cards in your corkboard colllectively into a new position in the Binder will your reordering be preserved.

Hope this helps!

Might at this point it be as simple as viewing the folder again naturally? The header bar in your editor will change to “Multiple Selection” when you’ve selected arbitrary items from the binder, or even within the editor and then “opened” those items all together. But if everything is in the same folder already, then it may be as simple as hitting the Back button in the editor until you get back to the folder view (or if you never did view the folder and just went straight to a collection, just click it in the binder).

So that’s the easy answer—if on the other hand you have a sorted or filtered view in the editor that you want to use as the binder order…

One very small correction to that: if you drag them from the sorted/search-result/freeform/collection view in the editor into the same folder they came from, then the result will be to implement that alternate sequence into the binder, without moving anything. It’s a small variation on the same concept of moving the selected items to a new folder.

The idea here is that there are a bounty of tools for visualising different orderings in the editor (and the collections sidebars), but for the most part you wouldn’t want those to aggressively change the binder. If every time you ran filtered the corkboard for red label items, it immediately moved all red cards around in the chapter, you’d probably never use the feature. So we need you to confirm that is what you want to do, and selecting the ordered items and dragging them to where they should be ordered that way is the tool for doing so.