Moving Character/Place/Research Folder to Collection

As I’m working in a rather large file, I was wondering if it was at all possible to move the character folder into a different collection of the binder. Whenever I do it compresses into a single file of too many pages that’s counter productive to the organization. I’m trying to unclutter the binder so that it’s just the novel, not all the characters and world building and conlang.

I’m not quite clear on what it is you are trying to accomplish. Collections are separate from the Binder, not a part of it. They are a way of making lists of items from the Binder in whatever order you please. So they are handy for pulling out pieces that you’d like to have together or focus on. They are merely lists of references though, they will not clean up or change the Binder in any way.

What you might instead want to do, from what it sounds like, is familiarise yourself with “hoisting”. This is an Outliner concept that is designed to reduce the complexity of an outline so you can focus on one area of it. To give it a try, select your Draft folder by itself, and use the Documents/Hoist menu command. Everything else in the binder should be hidden except for the contents of the Draft, your book. When you are done, you can use Documents/Unhoist to go back to the standard view.